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shame on you tumblr police!


what is the difference of tumblr blocking jr idol blog and united states gov trying to enforce SOPA? the answer is there is none. If tumblr keeps acting like this it isn’t different from how us gov is trying to enforce SOPA that is to limit and block people’s freedom. jr idol is legal under every united states law. there is nothing wrong with it.

If you want to ban me..

why don’t you first get rid of all the REAL INAPPROPRIATE STUFF first. 

want to clear some things up..

i don’t get tumblr’s bases for banning people. do people get banned if they post junior idol pics? (there might be copy right issue but i see more people posting junior idol pics get banned than normal japanese idols)

let me state this. junior idols are not any different from normal idols. and liking junior idols doesn’t make you child molester or some disgusting person. it is one’s preference to like young girls. it is fine as long as person doesn’t harm children. what is wrong with just looking at pictures. it isn’t like i’m watching cp or molesting children ( i never watched cp and never will if there is neither harm children) 

“A person whether attracted (or not, in some cases) to children, that molests children, is a child molesters. This term is not to be confused by “Pedophile”. Yes, there are podophiles who molest, but in majority, a molester is not a pedophile.

Many specialists in human sexuality have stated quite clearly that there is a clear distinction between the two. Furthermore, they have shown that much of the child molestation that takes place is at the hands of people who are not pedophiles at all.

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